website greets with "Fiji doesn't currently support your OS" on supported OS

The website currently greets me with “Fiji doesn’t currently support your OS” which is not true and makes a bad first impression. I am on Ubuntu 18.04 which is actually the BEST OS for running Fiji. I am browsing with Firefox.

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Confirm this with Firefox, but it works with Chrome on Ubuntu 18.04.

Hello Kyle -

I see the same as Kyle on ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The url gives me:

Firefox: “Fiji doesn’t currently support your OS” (on red)
Chrome: “Download for Linux (64-bit)” (on green)

Thanks, mm

I think it’s a browser issue.
Works with chrome, chromium, konqueror, falkon, but not with firefox on Arch Linux (also the best os for fiji)

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Created issue , and will submit a fix today.

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