down, need download mirror

EDIT: Found a place to download it: , seems to work.

Both and are down, and I need to download the software. The github has no binary, and I’m not smart enough to build it myself.

Is there a mirror? I can find a sourceforge link to an .iso from 2013 but that’s it.

The downloads are hosted here:

And Life-Line versions are here:

Also, should be working. Let us know if not.

However, the wiki portion of will likely be down for a couple of days, still.

2 Likes is not working for me, at least. Why is it necessary to bring down the entire site to replace a hard drive? Aren’t they configured in a RAID 1 configuration?

It was the boot drive, which housed all the sites.

Migration to a new drive is complete, so things are stable for now.

In the coming months, the plan is to migrate to a less monolithic approach, using Docker containers.

Due to an oversight, the web server was not configured in RAID1. And unfortunately, for technical reasons, neither is the replacement drive at the moment. But as we migrate web services to containers, we will certainly be using RAID1/5/6 going forward.