FIJI question about Co-localization & Segmentation


We are trying to use FIJI to analyse 3D cell images taken using digital camera in .nd2 format. We have two questions–
(1) We wish to find out if after cell-division, the cell divides in equal proportion, using 3 types of coloring pigment.
(2) We are trying to use Coloc 2 for co-localizing the pigments. However, it returns many mathematical parameters that are not suitable for our need to determine the exact percentage of co-localization of pigment. We would be grateful, if you could let us know if there is any alternative to this?

Thank you very much for your help and support.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @adutta

I will do my best to help you… but something needs to be clarified a bit first.

Can you be more specific about what is not suitable in the calculations? How exactly are you wishing to measure co-localization of pigments?

Coloc 2 does cover a number of the classical colocalization measures. You could also look at JACoP - another colocalization plugin in ImageJ.