Fiji plugin to track and measure particles

Hi all,

I have a series of videos showing dark particles on a light backround that expand and contract as a function of time while movin in the xy plane. The particles are always in focus in the videos. Each video frame contains on average between 50 and 200 particles.

I’m looking for suggestions for a Fiji plugin able to:
(1) track and number particles in an image stack (.avi, with 500-3000 frames)
(2) measure the area of the tracked particles in each frame
(3) ideally label the tracked particles on the video frames
(4) export the value of the area for each particle for each frame

Any suggestion is highly appreciated. I have quite a few videos to analyze this way, so anything (semi-)automatic would be great.

I have tried using trackmate (but it does not seem to include the option to measure the particles’ size) and spotmetrics (it works well only when the spot size is relatively small, i’m having issue with videos containing big particles).

thank you!

For bigger size of particles, you should adjust the parameters in the trackmate plugin. I remember in the third Window that you can preview your results. I think it is the first parameter. For different size, you should use different patameter. Before analyzing the velocity, maybe you can divide the pics into different groups using analyze particles.

I also have a question that I can get the area and also the size of particles, as well as the velocity of particles. But how can I combine the size and area of particles with velocity, so that I can analysis the correlation between the size and velocity. Thank you in advance.

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