Fiji plugin menu problem on linux

I have a problem with the plugin menu on Fiji: it is too long and I can’t go until the end of the menu.
The problem occurs only on linux, I tested on MacOS or Windows and the menu behaves normally, when I reach the bottom of the screen it scrolls but on linux it doesn’t like this.
I have the same behavior with ImageJ and Fiji.
Do you have any idea ?

This seems to be a known issue on Linux.

As a workaround, you can use the Command Finder or the Control Panel, see this related discussion:

Hello Eric -

This is my uninspired and highly-annoying work-around:

Use the arrow keys, rather than the mouse, to navigate within the
partially-hidden menu.

After mouse-clicking the menu open, first use the up-arrow key to count
how many hidden menu items there are. Then probe those items by
either activating the menu item with <enter> or using the right-arrow
key to open the pop-aside sub-menu. Either remember which menu
entries are where, or jot down a cheat-sheet.

Now to use a hidden menu item navigate to it as above, flying blind,
relying on the mental map you just created.

This is not a recent bug, and it’s pretty annoying, but I’ve made my
peace with it …

Thanks, mm

Is that really easier for you than using Plugins › Utilities › Control Panel…?