Fiji particle analyser not working with tif images

Dear all,

I wrote a little program and it is working perfect with png and jpg as file suffix but when i use tiff images the particle analyiser is not showing any outlines and censeqeuntly nothing in the result table. Due to that the program then stops with an exception.

I figure it got nothing to do with the program since it is working with png and jpg, but is tif somehow different? When I do the image processing and analysis via hand it is also working with the tif image.



Hello Claudia -

Could you provide more detail and post an example script that
shows this issue? (The smaller and more self-contained, the

When I run a test macro, Analyse > Analyze Particles...
works for me on a .tiff file.

I opened the blobs.gif sample image and saved it as a .tif file.
This IJM macro (from the macro recorder) works for me:

setOption("BlackBackground", false);
run("Make Binary");
run("Analyze Particles...", "exclude add");
saveAs("PNG", "blobs_as_tif-1.png");

(You may have to adjust the pathname / filename in the open
and saveAs commands.)

Here is the resulting image (stored and uploaded as a .png
image for forum convenience):


If you show us your use case, we might be able to figure out
what is different and why it isn’t working for you.

Thanks, mm