Fiji out of sync with Image J

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The current ImageJ version in Fiji seems to be 1.52i while the current version of ImageJ is 1.52k (2 months out of sync)
I can update it manually to 1.52k and I don’t notice any problem with the latest ImageJ version.

Is there a problem to sync Fiji with the last ImageJ version ?

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It’s true that the newest version of ImageJ1.x is not always ‘synced’ with the latest release of Fiji… so there are the rare cases where manual updates of ImageJ1.x need to occur to get some new functionality/fix in ImageJ1.x. There are two different developers doing releases for each project - which is why they aren’t necessarily synced… Fiji might be a little delayed occasionally - but usually it isn’t a huge issue.


Too… I think this issue (if there is a large delay in releases/versions/etc.) was fixed. Check out this old post: Update ImageJ in Fiji

The mechanism that takes care of keeping them in sync is currently disabled. The reasons are technical: we migrated the core ImageJ update site to a different web server in December, and the syncing mechanism is not (yet) smart enough to understand the change.

It is on my list to restore the mechanism, migrating it from the ImageJ Jenkins (slated for retirement soon) to Travis CI.

In the meantime, you can use the Help > Update ImageJ… command to manually switch ImageJ 1.x versions.


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