Fiji on MacOS opens as read only

Since I need to work from home for a while now, I just downloaded Fiji for MacOS onto my desktop but when it opens, a message appears that says: “[Warning] Your ImageJ installation cannot be updated because it is read-only.” Why do I get this message and more importantly, what do I need to do to get a fully operational version of Fiji on my computer?


You can download Fiji here:

Try just uninstalling what you have … and download a new/fresh version of Fiji at that link. If you still have issues - let us know. We are here to help keep the science moving!

Thanks. That is exactly where I had downloaded it from. I removed it and downloaded it again with the same result. It downloads as to the desktop. I then click on that and it expands the file. I then open the Fiji file on the desktop and it opens with that read-only message.


Are you placing the app in the Applications folder? It should work then…

If that doesn’t do it - try reading through this older thread - another solution is provided:

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Thank you very much. I read through that old thread and it still wasn’t working but then I scrolled through it further and typed the command listed in the last message into the Terminal and now the full program opened. I haven’t opened an image to see if works okay but at least on the surface it appears function. Thank you again. You were very helpful.


No worries @jss101 … if you need more help - we are here!