Fiji occasionally open blank windows


When I use Fiji to read .avi files it occasionally opens a blank window that looks like:

When such a window shows up, all Fiji windows freeze so I could neither close this window nor select or scroll in the “Results” window. The only way to close Fiji then is to kill it in task manager. However, when I open Fiji again, the same file could be opened. So the issue just shows up randomly and when it shows up, I would lose the data I measured.

In case it is needed, the file I was reading here is a 1.57 GB .avi file from a hard drive.

I am not quite familiar with imageJ, but I tried to open debug mode to gain some idea, and the file seems to have been read normally but could not display. This snapshot shows the last several output log I could get before Fiji froze:

Does anyone have any idea about this issue? Thank you so much!


You are probably running out of memory. Try opening the file as a virtual stack by checking “Use virtual stack” in the AVI Reader dialog.

Thank you for your reply! I was using virtual stacks, so I wonder if that will help. But let me see if that is the case.