Fiji - marking selected points

I have a set of images that have points selected in them using Multi-point tool in Fiji. I need to mark the selected points permanently so the mark stays there when I open those images using other image viewers.

I found out that ImageJ1 provided that functionality in Edit->Options->Point Tool and there you needed to set Mark width. However, when I open Edit->Options->Point Tool in Fiji there is no option to set Mark width.

Then I downloaded ImageJ1 and tried to mark the points using it, but it only worked on new points that were selected in ImageJ1, it didn’t work on the old points that were selected in Fiji.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @IBarisic1,

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If you have a fairly recently-updated ImageJ build in your Fiji package, you should be able to use the flatten command and it will create a new RGB image with the points stored as pixel data.

See this thread also: Need to enlarge multi-point tool - contains information as to which ImageJ build you need for it to work, use Help -> Update… to update your ImageJ in Fiji.



P.S. FIJI is just imageJ