Fiji macro to group/stitch InCell files


I have a bunch of individual files that I need to convert to hyperstack and to stitch.
These files come from InCell software and have always the same file pattern.
I’ve already tried to use Bioformats importer but with no success (maybe I’m missing something)
I would like to know if someone already did a macro with this kind of file parsing?
My file names are like this:

B - 09(fld 06- time 063 - 37200000 ms)

Well line goes from B to G
Well column goes from 01-11
Field goes from 01-06
Time goes from 001-063
The rest of the name doesn’t matter but it is variable.

The idea is to create the stack for all time frames, with the 6 fields stitched, for each line and column.

Thank you