Fiji Java Update

Hello everyone, I have been trying to work with the plugin called morpholib however it keeps giving an error stating that the plugin requires java format 1.8. I have installed the recent version of java ; however, after checking the ‘about image j’ option in help section it says that the current version is 1.6. I was wondering if anyone could help me in this regard.

Hi @siyavash

If you run an update (>Help >Update…) you can chech the Java 8 update site under the “manage update sites” option. After a restart that should do the job. Also make sure to activate the IJPB-plugins update site there to run the most recent version of MorphoLibJ.

This is to be taken with care, as enabling the Java-8 update site without actually running on Java 8 will break your Fiji installation!

@siyavash You’re quite probably running ImageJ with a bundled version of Java 6, so your system Java will not be picked up. Please see these instructions for updating your installation to Java 8. You can also simply download the latest version of Fiji as suggested here. It comes bundled with its own Java 8.


Dear Both,

Thank you very much for your replies. I removed the Fiji folder and re-installed the software and its now working fine.

Many thanks to both of you.