Fiji/iterativedeconv Repository - moving to Maven Build


I have a set of plugins I am currently moving into a Maven Project. It depends on the deconvolution algorithms in the Piotr Wendykier plugin Parallel Iterative Deconvolution. I want to declare this software as a dependency in Maven, but it doesn’t appear to be on any Maven Repository I can find.

I have found a version of this software, distributed by Fiji developers and built using the Ant Build Tool, on GitHub:

I basically want to re-build it with Maven, and then get this project onto the SciJava Maven Repository, so it can be used as a Maven dependency for my project, and any future projects.

I’ve read through the following docs on

It seems I need to use Travis for deployment to a repo, and ultimately “request that [ImageJ Admin] file a PR which adds Travis support to your repository.”

So I am hoping someone can help me here to get the ball rolling with getting the excellent Parallel Iterative Deconvolution package into Maven.

I’m quite new to all these tools, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Steve J. West.

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Dear all,

I have now deployed the iterativedeconv artefact to Maven Central:

Essentially I:

  • Forked the iterativeDeconv GitHub repo:

  • Altered the project so it is built using Maven - including adding a pom.xml with appropriate dependencies, and changing the project structure. I had to adjust some import statements in the code as well (as the parallel-colt dependency seems to have changed class names in its more recent version), but I have changed no actual code in any class.

  • To deploy this artefact to Maven Central, I followed the excellent advice given at

  • I will be testing it with my new project soon, but I wanted to put it out there that this project is now available as a dependency via Maven Central.


Steve J. West