Fiji-ImageJ "Open Samples" images copyright

Dear all,
Preparing some slides, @oburri and I are wondering what is the exact copyright of the images that you can open from “Open Samples”. I couldn’t find any copyright data in the info window.
Is there somewhere else where the license for these images is reported?
Thank you for your help,

So no one knows about the images? Do we just assume that they are free of rights?

Looking at

There is a list of images, some of which have some txt file associated, but they only include a description and no copyrights.

Could we have someone eventually confirm that since they are shipped with ImageJ as samples, they have no copyrights on them?

Thanks for any help regarding this (very not image processing) legal gray area :slight_smile:


Yes, I’d assume that they can be seen as “public domain” if they’re work by a governmental organization of the US (which is the case for NIH):

But maybe @Wayne can give more specific advice here.


Hi @imagejan !
Thank you for taking time to give us an answer ! :star_struck:
We’ll continue using them then :blush:

The assumption here is that the sample images are part of the work like the ImageJ code. However, I think they were gathered from other places and not by work at NIH. The most obvious example was the Lena image (taken from a playboy issue), which was removed last year (but not because of copyright).

I’m specially interested on the which I would like to redistribute (as part of another libre software) but would love to see clarifications on the other images too.