Fiji/ImageJ batch processing: ModuleBatchProcessor failed to initialize

Dear all,

I am trying to run the batch processing workflow using Fiji/ImageJ. The macro worked fine on single images. However, I am unable to use the batch workflow. Even the build-in example commands for batch processing failed to run. It returns the following error

"The module “org.scijava.batch.ModuleBatchProcess”

Please find the images below for clarification.

If I search for batch in the search box of Fiji (bottom left box), the follwing commands comes up

Then if I click run, the error below comes up

I am using Fiji/ImageJ version 2.0.0-rc-69/1.52p downloaded here running on MacOS Mojave.


Hi @Zaki and welcome to the forum!

I’m surprised that ModuleBatchProcessor show up in the search :astonished:
The class is not meant to be called directly (and therefore doesn’t have a menuPath annotation and is absent from the menu):

This might be a bug (or a feature?) in the search funtionality…

Instead, please use the menu commands:

  • Process > Batch > Run Script from File
  • Process > Batch > Run Script from Menu

… to run batch processing.

Or, if you’re editing your macro in the script editor, simply use the Batch button in the script editor :slightly_smiling_face: