Fiji Hackathon 2021 (online)

we are organizing another Fiji Hackathon, this time in an online format owing to the obvious reasons.

It is taking place on a beautiful Fiji island, hosted on the Gather.Town platform, during this June, July and August 2021.

This Hackathon will be organized as a few short online events, which actually makes it more a “Fiji Summer of Code”. The events are 2-4 days long, and shall essentially be sprints, or rather mini-hackathons on selected topics. During each event, we hope that a certain part of the community will be active, available online, co-operating and advancing one topic, or preferably multiple topics, even repeatedly. This sub-community saturation shall be the added value of this whole endeavour.

It is meant for developers of Fiji and Friends. I’ll keep you posted about the topics and dates of the sprints.

We kick-off in a couple of hours, on 1st Jun at 1 pm UTC in the virtual Fiji island. Everybody is welcome to visit us, and join the hacking.

Well, one more thing… if you decide to take part, can you please let us know by registering yourself.


Let me also bring to your attention the similar event on the copy of the famous I2K island, now rebranded as imagesc island and managed by @jni.

Quoting from his email:

  • any groups that want to hold gatherings there should feel free to do so at any time. The napari weekly US/Europe and Europe/Asia meetings are already happening there. Most of my 1-1 meetings are there rather than Zoom. I find it more joyful.
  • once enough of you sign on, I’d like to have weekly or bi-weekly “happy hours”, at 8h intervals, just like the I2K ones, where people come to the island to mingle. Please cast your vote on whether you prefer these at the start or end of the week :joy: Maybe we do both, alternating, whatever.
  • I encourage individual group leaders to hold weekly/bi-weekly/monthly “office hours” (whatever cadence works for you) for your tool on the island, where users can gather and meet with devs. Again: a higher bandwidth link for the imagesc community.

Our hackathon is essentially very similar. Sadly, I was not aware of Juan’s activity, and so this year we have to live with this schizophrenic situation of running two Gather.Towns… Dear Community, I’m sorry for that.


Is it too late to switch over to the imagesc-island? Why not use it?


I think it is technically possible, I also believe we could have convinced the company to join our paid bandwidths.

But I decided for the duality because of my local politics… it has taken me forever to convince the chain of my bosses to pay for Gather.Town, and then, after the payment has been finally made, I learned about imagesc-island… well… Juan was very nice and offered me to build own Town inside that island but that I couldn’t show to my bosses… I needed to have a “solo project”… the whole reasoning is stupid like this.

At least, both Towns (islands, in fact) feature a “star gate” that teleports between the two worlds.


OK, thanks for explaining. It makes sense.

Awesome! :star2:


Let me bring to you attention that today 2nd Jun at 1400 UTC on the Fiji, @ctrueden will show us details about the new and long awaited ImageJ wiki.
Everybody is welcome.