Fiji file open window size

Dear Everyone,

When opening a dozens of Tiff files by dragging to Fiji task bar, picture windows are too big to tile.
Is there any presetting of windows size in Fiji ?

Looking forward to your reply.



In general - I would not recommend opening images via drag/drop… you are much safer opening your images via Bio-Formats. That way - you know your metadata was read in correctly. How are you then aligning/stitching your images? You can take a look at the ImageJ wiki for more information on Stitching in particular here:

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Hi @bigtree,

What’s the behaviour of running Windows > Tile right after you opened the images? That should tile nicely all the windows.

I actually have that command permanently tied to a shortcut (Plugins > Shortcuts > Add Shortcut... . I have set it for ‘8’, not that it matters especially, but it’s a free slot).


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