Fiji download server down(?)

Just figured out this morning, that the Fiji downloads are unavailable. Server seems down.
Is there any mirror / backup version one can access meanwhile? I would need it for my students kind of urgent.



work fine for me just now. It might have been an intermittent issue?

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For me the standard download page does throw an error. works but I did not see the latest versions there


That was also reported on the old mailing list

I can confirm this issue:


@ctrueden would you mind checking the server? Thanks!



Also can confirm downloads are inaccessible, including through all the mirrors I’ve found (which all seem to point back to My students also are freaking out.

I can get into, but the /fiji/latest directory (which, I assume, holds the current build) is missing. There are old versions (from 2009, 2012, etc. in other directories) but these don’t have all the features we use.

Yesterday, I moved to its own dedicated server, to help with performance. Unfortunately, I did an incomplete job, forgetting the fiji/latest folder. I’m fixing it now, and will reply back again when all is fixed. Shouldn’t take long. Edit: The files are restored!


Great - thanks! I’ll let my students know it’ll be up soon so they stop hyperventilating.

This is a good opportunity to mention that is also available via public rsync. If anyone in the community wants to start maintaining a mirror via regular rsync, we could then include a set of mirror links on the downloads page, so there are fallback options in case of future primary server downtime.


The files are restored. In addition, I added more tests to check that this feature keeps working:

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The Windows latest Fiji download is functional again. Thanks Curtis! :+1:

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