FIJI Download page - a bit confusing for newbies

Hey guys,

in the past weeks we had the issue with some users, who were using FIJI for the very first time. We sent them a link to the download site:

But what they see first is the imageJ download. Then they download ImageJ and wonder why the plugins we are talking about are not available :wink:

The reason is simple: tha anchor #FIJI does not exist in the source of the web page.

Furthermore, on a site called I would expect the FIJI download to be the first on the page. This is highly confusing for users who are not familiar with the difference between ImageJ and FIJI.

Would it be possible to move the FIJI download up and the ImageJ download below?


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The problem is that and point to the same wiki contents, see

Pointing to works however.

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Ok, I fixed the broken download link (with the wrong anchor) on .

For newbies, that may be even more confusing.

How about creating two download pages, one for FIJI and one for ImageJ? I would do it, if the community agrees.

We started discussion about this recently. Personally I’m fine with a split but think it should be done with the additional server work to get the domains directing properly, e.g. I assume we want:

as opposed to

  • Download_Fiji + Download_ImageJ wiki pages, both of which could be accessed from from either or domain. That is still confusing, in my opinion.

As a short term fix, we could put the Fiji download first, with ImageJ below it. The intent of placing them at the same level was to avoid bias towards one download or the other. However, since we don’t have bundled Java downloads for raw ImageJ I think it is a less useful download for new users.


An extremely silly fix that will not solve the issue, but I’ve just added the missing anchor so that in the interim and work as expected. Is this of help?


This statement probably was odd to anyone viewing, as the two download sections were not on the same level anyway (only when viewed through

I split them to separate lines, with the Fiji downloads on top. Long-term plan is still to have separate download pages (if desired).

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Hi @hinerm,

looks good! Thanks for your intervention.

I’d have a comprommise solution… What about putting them left/right to each other with available OS versions listed below. I mean, space would be enough, just the icons should be a bit smaller…

FIJI                      ImageJ
  Windows                    all os

This is basically how it rendered on before my change, just with ImageJ and Fiji swapped in order. So one question would be can we make a horizontal display consistent across domains.

Personally, I am content with the way things are now, so my preference would be to wait and see if users have any problems with the current layout (e.g., “where is the plain ImageJ download?” questions).

But more suggestions are always good, and I know both @ctrueden and myself are happy to adjust things to meet any community consensus. :slightly_smiling:

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