Fiji does not start (winfows 7 32 bits)


I’ve been trying since yesterday to make ImageJ (actually Fiji) run, with no success. No window appears (I extracted the downloaded folder onto my desktop, unziped). Here is the messages I get when I run a copy named “debug”:

The version I downloaded is “fiji-win32” from here In the folder the .exe file is named “imageJ-win32”.

Could someone help me?

Fij tries to start Java with 1536 Mb reserved (3/4 of your available RAM as indicated in the message).

The debug message says that this amount of memory is currently not available for the JRE.

You have to start FIJI with less Java memory on your 32-bit system (for instance with -Xmx512MB).


or the FAQ’s:

On Windows 32-bit systems, the maximum amount of memory available to the JVM can be as low as 1.2G or 1.3G (even if you have 2G or more RAM in your system). Since Fiji is trying to launch with 1.5G, you see this error.

Do you have a 64-bit system? If so, please use ImageJ-win64.exe instead to avoid this problem.