FIJI: create selection - treat as separate ROIs

Hello my fellow image analysts,

I have an image of adipose tissue and I need to outline the adipocytes and count them. In FIJI, I used Edit/Create Selection to outline the adipocytes, but FIJI treats the outlines as a single ROI. How do I get FIJI to treat the outlines as individual, separate ROIs so I can run Analyze Particles to count the adipocytes? Thank you for your help.

Hi Mary,
You can try to press “t” to add the single ROI to the Roi Manager then click the More button from the Roi Manager and “split”.

However Analyze particles works with images not rois. You may want to first threshold your image and then run Analyze particles on the resulting binary image.

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Thank you so much, Laurent! I added the selection to the ROI manager, clicked Split, and transferred the ROIs to a binary image on which I ran Analyze Particles and it worked! Thanks again!

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