FIJI Commands for BigDataViewer


Hi everybody,

Following this thread :

I’ve made a repository which aims at using BigDataViewer within Fiji by using SciJava commands:

The goal is to be able to manipulate BigDataViewer windows , display options as well as contained dataset, within FIJI. The repo contains plugins copied from the repo bigdataviewer_fiji, but it uses BdvHandle as a scijava Parameter and BdvFunctions helpers from bigdataviewer-vistools internally.

It’s currently very early and not functional in many ways (it cannot open an ImagePlus, see issue), but maybe there’s enough to start a discussion. Browsing a BigDataServer works, and for instance this BigDataServerPlugInSciJava command allows to append a dataset onto an already existing BigDataViewer frame.

What are your thoughts on this ? (@ctrueden, @tpietzsch, @imagejan )

As stated before, it’s partly functional, but maybe it’s worth discussing the general backbone already. For instance, how should such a set of commands match with DatasetService ? Or ImageDisplayService ? Should we bother with these service already ?

Hope that this could be useful.