FIJI Color deconvolution macro error "plugin directory is not writeable"

Hello everybody, I’m having a little trouble running this macro on my macbook. Everytime I run it, I get a “plugin directory is not writeable” for color deconvolution. I attached both the error and the relevant script. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

@gabriel Something you can answer?

Hi, I am sorry, no idea what that might be. Writing to a “vector file” was an additional feature added another contributor, not me. I guess that is some permissions of the folder where it has been downloaded to.

I currently use and maintain the “Colour Deconvolution2” plugin, which is installable through the Fiji update site of the same name, or by downloading it directly from:

Note that there is also a publication to reference this new version of the plugin which you can access by courtesy of the publisher from that page. Unfortunately I am not allowed to link it elsewhere. If you use the new version, it might be an idea to uninstall the old one to prevent confusion of which version one is using.
Hope this is useful.