Fiji - Brightness/Contrast will adjust but will not apply


I am running ImageJ (Fiji pack) 1.52p on Manjaro linux. What I am experiencing is that when I go to edit the brightness/contrast under the Adjust menu, I can move the sliders to whatever I want, see changes on the screen, but when I hit apply it reverts back to the original image without altering the brightness/contrast. It is super annoying because SOMETIMES it does work. There is neither rhyme nor reason as to why this is occurring that I can tell.
I was running the binary directly, but then I went as far as to install the built package from the repository to no avail. I also ran the updater which had no effect. When I run FIJI from the command line, I get no errors nor does the log show anything.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?
I hate having to switch between GIMP and FIJI for (apparently not so) simple tasks, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Okay, I found a rhyme.
Apparently when I edit the threshold of an image and then try to edit the brightness/contrast, that is when changes to the B/C do not save. Another interesting finding is that even though no adjustment was applied, imageJ still thinks that the image has been edited and asks if I want to save.

I should note that when I said “when I edit the threshold of an image” I mean another image (in this case a different tiff image of GFP for instance) - not the image that I am attempting to edit the brightness/contrast on.