Fiji: Batch processor module not working


Presumably since my last (?) Fiji update, the Batch processor module that can be accessed for certain plugins via the Quick Search is no longer working for me and I get the following message:

I tested it with various plugins, on both Windows and Mac and with Fiji freshly installed, without success!

Is anybody having the same issues? Is there a solution or work-around?
(My Fiji Version: 2.0.0-rc-69/1.52p)

Thanks a lot!



@imagejan, could you please have a look whether you can reproduce this bug?
@TobiasKletter said to me in a private communication that this not specific to the Spindle Morphometry plugin, but a general issue (I am mentioning this because I was worried that something on my EMBL-CBA screws something up, but apparently this is not the case).


Sorry this had escaped my attention until now, @TobiasKletter. Thanks for notifying me, @Christian_Tischer.

TL;DR: this issue is fixed since last Friday, please update your Fiji installation and report back if you continue to see issues.

A bit more detail:

The issue was caused by scijava-common-2.80.1.jar which was recently uploaded by @ctrueden to fix an issue with IJ2 Options plugins, but which caused ModuleBatchProcessor and other plugins that extend DynamicCommand to fail due to a duplicate Parameter declaration.

It was brought to my attention by mikeumo in this GitHub issue:

Usually, this kind of issues should be caught by unit tests, but in this case, uploading a version of scijava-common (2.80.1) which was newer than (and incompatible with) the version declared in pom-scijava (2.77.0) led to a version skew with problems that my tests couldn’t catch.

I had to fix it by manually pinning the scijava-common version to 2.80.1 until a new pom-scijava is released:

As far as I can tell, @ctrueden is working on a more automated management of the components uploaded to the update sites, including a melting-pot script that tests inter-operability of versions of all the components in the SciJava software stack, so hopefully this kind of issues will be detected much earlier, before it affects users in this way.


Thanks @imagejan @Christian_Tischer, it’s working again!