Fiji August 2020 update broke MoBIE

This is good news, the compressor is expected to report the error and then proceed, so you can file a bug report and keep working ;). This, however,

is still confusing. JNA looks for libraries in jna.library.path and falls back to java.library.path. I am confused by the win32-x86-64 prefix. Cannot make sense of this. The two things that I would try is to add lib to the java.library.path and set jna.library.path to the same value as java.library.path.

Also, can you have a look if the file C:\Users\marct\Desktop\ exists? If not, we would have to find out why it doesn’t.

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  1. I still need to do more tests, I can then mark it as obsolete myself I think.
  2. I just updated my Fiji and it seems that it does not yet ship the required n5-aws-3.1.3.jar but one older version, which does not work for MoBIE

I uploaded 3.1.3 yesterday to the Java-8 update site. Do you still have it on the MoBIE site? That would override it.

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Now it is there! Thanks!

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Yes, it is there in the right place.

As for win32-x86-64/blosc.dll I haven’t tried adding lib to the java.library path yet but I will wait to do further troubleshooting for a few days.

Ok, thanks for your help and sorry for not having identified the problem and a solution yet. I will also wait troubleshooting for a few days.