Fiji - 3D viewer - Impossible to save a movie

Hi, I have a problem with the 3D viewer plugin of Fiji. I have 3D acquisition and I would like to make (and save) a movie of my data with all the z-stack and the time, but when I try to do it with the 3D viewer, it’s very strange, it saves a movie but not focused on my image. I can just see a screenshot of my desktop next to my window … It’s not easy to explain. I join you a screenshot. Do someone already have this problem ?
Thank you for your response ! It could realy help me. Too sad to have a good acquisition and not being able to show it …
Bye :slight_smile: Julie


This is not directly answering your question (i.e. there may be a way to do this with 3D viewer, but I’m not familiar with it) but if your goal is to create an animated movie of your volume it is worth having a look at the recent Fiji plugin 3Dscript: