Fiji 1.52v - 1.53d do not recognize "/" operator in macro script

Hi everyone,

I have just updated Fiji to 1.53d and when I try to run my macro script appears the next error:

It seems Fiji does not recognize “/” operator. Although when I replace this to “+” operator, the error is fixed.

The last version when my macro script ran successfully was on 1.52p. I tried to downgrade to 1.52v. with ImageJ Updater 2 (because 1.52p downgrade is not possible).

Could you help me to fix this error? In any case, is there some repository where 1.52p is located?



Hi Luis,

Does the ‘Count’ variable contain a string? This test macro generates a similar error when it attempts to divide a string by 2

  v = "123";

To avoid this error, use parseFloat() to convert the string to a number

  v = "123";

It would be very helpful if you could provide minimal macro code that reproduces the problem you are seeing.

Hi @Wayne,

The issue was Count contains a strain instead of a number. Thanks a lot for your help!