Fiber non woven measure



I’m looking for a appropriate tools to determine the diameter mean in non woven sample (see attached file). The Diameter J (plugin) might be a right solution for to do this ? and if yes could you write me the procedure how to treat the image in order to obtain the result ?


Hello, Thanks for taking an interest in DiameterJ. That type of image is 100% what DiameterJ was created to do. The easiest way to learn to use DiameterJ (and how to process your iamges) is to take the free online training tool at . If you have any questions after that. Please let me know.


Hi, many thanks for your quick feedback, can u suggest me a short way to obtain a preview of the results in term of diameter ? Sure I’ ll do the training. Many Thx in advantage for your help.


Hello Marco,

The fastest way is to use the default threshold tools in ImageJ/FIJI to turn the fibers into a binary image where the fibers are white and the background in black. Then use DiameterJ 1.018 to analyze the black and white image. With the latest update to Java I think the “single” image analysis portion of DiameterJ broke. SO, you’ll need to place at least two images in the folder you’d like to analyze rather than just have an image open in ImageJ. Sorry for the hassle. Once I get a little free time I’ll fix the bugs.


many thx. I’ll send you the feedback regarding the analysis results.