FFMPEG updated in Fiji

To lay the groundwork for future updates to SciView, we have updated the version of FFMPEG that ships with Fiji. The new version is 4.1-1.4.4.

This change affects the Janelia H5J file format; a new update of that loader (Plugins › Janelia H265 Reader) has also been uploaded. For those using the H5J format: please test and report back if any issues.

I do not know whether the FFMPEG update site still works. If someone who uses that functionality to load compressed movies could please test and report back, that would be highly appreciated. (If it does not work, I can look at migrating that code into Fiji proper, rather than sitting on an old update site.)


I downloaded it from the FIJI updater and tried dropping compressed mp4s and mpgs, but they didn’t open. They did open when imported from the import>Movie(FFTMPEG) menu, but with no sound.


The updater does not appear to work. It does not update the ffmpeg libraries, the version is still at 4.0.2. Also, the wrong native library is installed. The ffmpeg in Fiji.app/jars/ is ffmpeg-4.0.2-1.4.3-android-arm64.jar but I am on Windows, so it should have been some win64 version.

Also, the FFMPEG update site does not work, but probably for another reason. The error messages relate to com.sun.jna. The update site distributes jna-3-2-7 but the current jna in Fiji.app/jars/ is jna-4.5.2. Anyway, the FFMPEG update site installs the native library as Fiji.app/lib/win64/ffmpeg.dll (an old version from 2013) so it should not be affected by the SciView updated library since it apparently does not load ffmpeg from there.

So yes, a proper rework on this might be a good idea.

Edit: I tried a fresh install of Fiji. Then all ffmpeg libraries are installed correctly as version 4.1 with win64 native files. Adding the FFMPEG update site downgrades the jna library to jna-3.2.7 and the plugin then works. Which is still not useful; as it does not use the new ffmpeg library and we now have an older version of jna.

Thanks for reporting back, @steinr.

How can you tell that the FFMPEG update site is not using the new FFMPEG library?

Thanks for trying it, @rondespain.

Yes, the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin that currently ships with Fiji (v3.0.4) does not know about the FFMPEG plugins. However, I enhanced the IO plugin recently and released v4.0.0, which may improve matters. I will be uploading that release to Fiji as part of the next wave of updates, in coming weeks.

Note that ImageJ has no support for sound—it is primarily an image processing program. The intended use case for importing movies is to work with scientific image/video data stored in those formats.

Which box do I check in the FIJI updater to automatically get the next version?



Fiji will prompt you to install updates once they are available.