Feature Requests: Image Sets Options

while I think of it, can I please add a request to the list.

  1. Would it be possible to have a Previous Image Set to go back to the one I was working on.
  2. Could there be an indicator to tell me which set I’m currently looking at.
  3. It would be cool if I could split the test mode and analyze two image sets at once to instantly compare the results.
  4. Maybe even a little list of images displayed in a window so I could jump to an arbitrary image set, and/or Ctrl click the sets for parallel analysis.


Hi Neil,
A lot of these features (albeit in less polished form) kind of already exist in the software- see this thread and the GitHub link therein for more details. I think for example the Previous Image Set could go in that GitHub request.

As for analyzing multiple image sets at once, unfortunately I think that’s unlikely to happen; as I understand it, threading/pass through of images is one of the more complex pieces of the code, and I’m not sure that our software engineers are likely to want to make substantive changes to it; you can make it a formal request here though if you’d like. That same link is also the best place to report your ‘CP being slow on large images’ bug; our software engineers sill probably have questions and want to look at some example images, and it’ll certainly be easier for all of you not to get stuck in the ‘me-slowly-passing-stuff’ bottleneck. :smile: