Feature Request: Measure pixels touching image boundary


Could you please in MeasureObjectSizeShape add one measurement called NumbersOfPixelsAtImageBoundary?

It is much more convenient to filter such objects later, e.g. in Excel, as compared to making this decision already during the image analysis.

Right now, one can get this measurement with a combination of:
ConvertObjectsToImage > Image_Crop_1Pixel > ImageMath_Subtract > MeasureObjectIntensity
But this is quite cumbersome.

Hi there,

Thanks for the idea.

May I ask if you just use MeasureObjectIntensity, and then take MeanIntensityEdge (or probably IntegralIntensityEdge), would it already gave your some insights about your target?
Or the “edge” in case is still too thick for you?


I don’t understand how this would help me, because the Edge in this case does not refer to the image edge, but the object edge, doesn’t it?


Oh, I’m quite confused, since you mentioned you want the measurement to be added in “MeasureObjectSizeShape”, and you started with “ConvertObjectsToImage” ended with “MeasureObjectIntensity”, so I thought you wanted pixels intensity around the edge of the objects.

In case you’d like image edge, yes the way you did was right. If it’s useful for large number of other users, certainly a feature request should be filed.

I would like to measure how much each object contacts the image edge, because this is important for filtering objects later during the analysis.
Best, Christian

Hi Christian,
We’re in the process of implementing an RFC system for feature requests- It’s still not well documented, but you can check out the first one here. Feel free to fork the repo and submit the request as a PR. Thanks!

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