Feature proposal: Add URL drag-and-drop handler


I would like to propose a new feature for QuPath: The drag-and-drop handlers (viewer and “Add image to project” dialog) could probably be extended to support opening URLs, analogous to the File->Open URI… menu item or the “Input URL” button - what do you think? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your consideration & best regards,

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Do you mean drag 'n drop from a web browser (e.g. to open an image from OMERO) or something else?

Hi Peter, yes, dragging a link from the webbrowser - that was exactly what I was thinking about.

Looks possible – I’ve just tested and JavaFX can see the URL. It will take a (relatively) small redesign and change to the API to make it work; I’ll add it to the list of planned features for a future version.


Great to hear, thank you! :slight_smile: