FCS Express cannot open CellProfiler .cpout files, error "Invalid pointer operation."


I am trying to generate .cpout and .cptoc files according to:

… and failing insofar as FCS Express doesn’t load them, I get the error message: “Invalid pointer operation.” I did notice that the presenter in the YouTube video said that FCSExpress “would like” the original image files be located in the same folder as the .cpout / .cptoc files, but this is really more than inconvenient for me, and this might be the “invalid pointer” error?
The original files are somewhat distributed over a certain folder structure generated and at the moment actively accessed by the imaging software from the aquisition device. I cannot simply remove/resort them. I’d have to generate copies of all image files of all experiments and create custom single folders where I can also output the CellProfiler data so that FCS Express is “happy”, but those are terabytes of data…
I tried activating the option “Load path names from Cell Profiler table of contents file” in FCS Express User Options / Data Loading / CellProfiler Options, because this sounded like it could be a fix, but to no avail.

Is there a solution to this problem? Or did I even interpret the “invalid pointer” error correctly?

After trying out some things, it seems that the problem was something else entirely, I didn’t use the correct metadata fields for generating the proper file names for the .cptoc files.