Favorite commands in command finder

Hi All,
is there a way of having a list for the 10 or so most used commands in the command finder.

Thanks a lot

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Perhaps @Wayne has ideas on adding that feature?

A list of recently used command would be useful. Fiji has a “Recent Commands” list but it is hard to discover. You can open it by typing “recent” in the search box and then double clicking on “Repeat a Recent Command”. The command to open the list is supposed to be in the Plugins>Utilities menu but I do not see it there.

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Thank you @Wayne,
This is basically what I was looking for.

The only issue I have is that one can’t leave the window open like the ROI Manger for example. One must either use it or close it.

I think it would be more useful as well if one could make a custom list as well.

Thanks a lot

I can see that @haesleinhuepf was been working on it and he already already solved the persistence issue

Make "Recent Commands" window persistent and non-modal

Thanks a lot Robert !


You’re welcome! Two issues in one shot :slight_smile:

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The Command Finder in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.52s30) adds a “Commands” button that opens a list of recently used and commonly used commands. This list can also be opened by pressing shift-L, the shortcut for Plugins>Utilities>Commands. The “Commands” window has an “Edit” button that opens a dialog that allows editing the commonly used commands. The recently used commands are listed in a box at the top of the dialog so they can be copied and pasted.