Farewell to David Dao, visiting student!

The CellProfiler team would like to thank David Dao for his heroic efforts towards reviving the CellProfiler Analyst project. Before David arrived, the future of CPA was unclear at best: it is a powerful tool that fills an important niche in the HCS community: no other tool has all its capabilities. But, our small lab didn’t have the bandwidth and our grants didn’t have the resources to maintain it properly, much less add features.

Then, out of nowhere, David Dao, a graduate student from Munich, came to us for an internship project. Together, he and Jane Hung resurrected the neglected CPA. To see the intensive care David put into this daunting project, all you need to do is read his beautiful new CPA manual. In addition to his admirable work ethic, David is an excellent teacher, a whiz at JavaScript and Neural Networks, and one of the most humble people we know. Less obvious to the outside world, David also embarked on a fascinating project involving deep learning, applied to image-based profiling. Look for his results to be published on this over the next year!

David clearly has an incredible career ahead of him, as he lands next in San Francisco for a research engineer internship at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America to work on a self-driving car. We will miss you, David! Come back to visit often!


We’ll miss you @daviddao!!