Failed to install ACC plugin for CellProfiler 3.1.5


We tried to install latest acc ( plugin for cellprofiler, but we can’t see it in ‘add modules’ at all. There should be module called ‘exporttoacc’. Have anyone else had the same problem? Should the plugin work for all cellprofiler versions?


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I have encountered similar problems with other .py modules in cellprofiler 3.1.5
Furthermore, I’m not able to find the module directory so I can’t copy it directly into the module folder.
Some help would be nice.



We don’t make that plugin, so I can’t say too much about it, but from looking briefly at the source code it looks like it would only work in CP 2-2.2, not anything in the CP3 family. The ACC team would need to make a new version for CP3.X.


Hi all!

Problem solved: we got a new plugin for 3.1.5 version. Thanks!

Hanna1 could you tell me where you found the new plugin? I cannot see it on the ACC website.



I got it directly from ACC developers via email. I can forward it to you?

Hi Hanna1, I’m facing the same issue. Would you be happy to forward me the updated “ExporttoACC” plugin?

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone! I am a developer of ACC. Thanks to Nick B. for pointing out this discussion!

Indeed, the exportToAcc module we created with the original release was compatible with CP 2.x. We also have a version that is compatible with CP 3.x and it can be downloaded from here:

Feel free to write us in case of any further questions,