Fail to install window cellprofiler

I fail to install the windows cellprofiler in windows 10 and it first show a back screen and then within one minute just have some codes and automatically quit the software.

Then I check the enviromental settings they are good like this,

I really don’t know how to install it…

Later on I also install the java8, then install the cellprofiler again, but still failed.

Could anyone help me?

Hi @Y_Gu,

Could you open up Control Panel --> Region, select the Administrative tab and click “Change System Locale”. That should open a Region Settings prompt - could you check that “Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support” is disabled?

Yes, I have already tried, but still the same problem.

Do you also have the normal Java Runtime Environment installed? If not, perhaps try installing Java 1.8.

Yes, already installed.

Do you also have the Java Development Kit?

What is that? I just installed the java and re-installed CP, but still not working.

I had this one now “jre 1.8.0_231”

I download this (jre-8u231-windows-x64.exe) from the website.

Okay, could you open up command prompt and type “java -version”, then send the result?

Java Development Kit may be needed for the java bridge, it’s available here.

Yes, It is here.

It seems that it is correct.

Did you install JDK then?

Yes, now I have already tried that and re-installed it, but still the same problem.

Okay, could you send a screenshot of all the system environment variables, as seen earlier but with the window enlarged?

yes of course

It appears that you don’t have a JAVA_HOME system variable set, perhaps try making one (the bottom half of the window) and point that towards your normal java installation folder.


I did it like this, and I do not know if it is correct. But still not working now.