F10 key shortcut on Windows


I am seeing a weird behavior when I assign one of my macros to F10 as a shortcut in FIJI. I have to press F10 more than once to run the linked macro. I realized that it’s happening because in Windows (my platform) pressing F10 selects “File” tab in Fiji. Is there a way to stop the windows default behavior when using F10 as a shortcut for a macro in Fiji? This problem does not arise with any other F keys.

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So… I’m not sure the exact solution if you want to override the F10 functionality - or if it’s even possible. However - you do have a few alternatives:

  1. Choose another key to set at your shortcut. See documentation here.
  2. You can add your macro to your Plugins dropdown menu… so you can run it directly from the Search Bar. Just follow the instructions on this other post.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @etadobson for your reply!

Yes, I am aware of those alternatives and have been using them. However, I was curious why only F10 key has a conflict between Windows and FIJI shortcuts. Other F keys seem to be working fine.


The F10 binding is a built-in behavior of Java AWT/Swing applications (1, 2, 3).

I spent a few minutes now digging into how to disable this behavior, but it is not obvious, because the ways discussed in the links above focus on Swing, whereas the ImageJ1 user interface is built on AWT. The F10 functionality must be buried pretty deep. Grepping the OpenJDK source code might be fruitful, but I don’t have time now to follow up further. I second @etadobson’s suggestion to just choose a different shortcut key.