F/F0 calculating and macros

I’m a relatively new ImageJ user, and I feel a little lost here… So I need a little help!
I’m trying to calculate F/F0 on image stacks.
I’ve been following the instructions that appear here: http://imagej.net/T-functions#F.C3.B7F0 from step 1 to 3, and then selecting the cell of interest. At last, I run “Stack/Measure stack”.
I have some questions.

  1. Am I working well? I mean, I don’t do all the steps in the instructions, because also I don’t understand the other steps.
  2. How do I execute the “F_div_F0 macro”? I don’t have any idea about macros or programming.
  3. Is there a way to change point to comma for decimals? I’m having trouble changing excel language (I use argentinian spanish), so what I do is pasting the measure in word, replacing all the points with commas and then pasting this on excel again.
    Thank you!!!

Welcome to the forum, @Matias!

How do I execute the “F_div_F0 macro”?

Please see this forum thread. You can find commands easily using the Command Finder.

Is there a way to change point to comma for decimals?

Unfortunately not. The ImageJ 1.x user interface is not internationalized in any way, so you are stuck with the decimal separator being a period character. Someday I hope this will change with new UIs written against ImageJ2, but that will still be awhile.

That seems like a reasonable workaround.

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Thank you @ctrueden !!!
I will try as soon as I can.

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