Ezomero alpha release - call for testers

Dear image.sc friends,

our team at The Jackson Laboratory loves OMERO and loves Python - while we are overall very happy with how these two things play together, we wanted to make them talk to each other a bit more easily. Enter ezomero - a suite of convenience functions for writing Python code that interacts with an OMERO server. It is very much a work in progress, but we’re happy enough with it to make it available to the community. You can find it at ezomero · PyPI or by doing pip install ezomero wherever you want. Documentation is still a bit sparse, but we hope most things are relatively self-explanatory! Feel free to ask any questions re. usage.

This library grew from a few functions we started writing to make our admin work easier - it is not a replacement for the Blitz API and understanding that API and the OMERO object model is still important and absolutely worth it!

We’d love to hear what you think, what your suggestions are, whether you run into any issues and so on! We already have a few more things we’d like to add to the library (ROI-related functions, for example), but we would also love to hear from you.


@erickratamero great work, I will try to give a go as soon as possible
@juliomateos (from Montpellier University) was working on a Python package too he was focusing on ROIs. I don’t know the status of the package but it might be a good idea to synchronise the efforts.

Thanks for pushing it.




That’s great. Indeed I was working internally on something similar that I would love to share and I never had the time to do so. Indeed I implemented roi functions.

I will look into your code and see if there is something I can contribute with if you’d be ok with that.

Best, Julio


That sounds great! We already have a PR (!!!) and it is all moving faster than we expected, to be honest, so we might need to sit down and actually do the things we had in mind for “the future” (style guide/API stuff for the documentation, actually setting up CI/CD, etc) sooner rather than later. That said, PRs with additions are more than welcome!

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