Extrapolating 3D data from a (2D) image

Hi all, I’m a relatively infrequent user of ImageJ/Fiji and am hoping someone might be able to offer a suggestion on a measurement problem. I’m looking to quantify the magnitude of a particular animal behavior that has a vertical component to it (i.e., a component perpendicular to the plane of the image). In the attached image, you can see the dorsal appendages of the animal in the right-sided image are both more extended horizontally (in the xy-plane) and vertically (along the z-axis) than in the left-sided image. I can reasonably quantify the x and y components of the behavior by thresholding the animal and tracing its perimeter, which increases in proportion to how horizontally extended the appendages are. It’s the z component of this response that’s proving difficult to measure. Does anyone know of a built-in Fiji function or plugin that can extrapolate the magnitude of the response in the z dimension, or otherwise have a suggestion about some other approach to this problem?

Thanks a lot to anyone who might be able to help.

P.S. This is a sea slug, in case anyone is wondering what’s in the picture!

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