Extracting total spot intensity for each frame, for all tracks

Hi, I am new using Trackmate, and I have been trying to export the total intensity of each spot of a track, in order to analyze intensity over time of all my tracks, but I am unable to do it. I have been able to plot it using the GUI, but I can not export the values (see below).

If I export the track info, I either can see listed the total intensity of each spot, but the info of the track that each of them belongs to is lost, or I can see the coordinates for each spot in each frame, but without the info of the intensity. Could someone tell me how can I export the intensity of each spot at each frame, for all the tracks?


I have also tried to download the extra jar files for trackmate (https://imagej.net/TrackMate#Extensions), but if I copy them at the plugin folder, Fiji doesn’t run anymore.