Extracting 4 channels from ImageJ?

Hello, is it possible to extract 4 channels from an image using ImageJ, i.e., blue, green, red, and far-red, or will the red and far-red channels always be merged? Thanks.


The short answer is ‘yes’. :slight_smile: You can look through the ImageJ User Guide to get a better idea of the color/channels functionality.

Too - I’d recommend opening your images in Bio-Formats (if you don’t already). That way you are sure your metadata is read correctly and your image properly opened, etc.

If you have more specific questions - don’t hesitate to ask. We are all here to help!

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Thank you for your kind help.

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Hello again, I’ve looked at the user guide and tried opening my images through the Bio-Formats plugin but can’t seem to locate any option that recognizes 4 channels (blue, green, red, far-red) instead of assigning only 3 (blue, green, red). Any more guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t think you have yet mentioned what kind of images they are (czi, tiff, mrxs, 4 vs 3 channel within the image itself, etc), and whether the image type is Bio-Formats compatible. If you are using a processed image, you may have lost the fourth channel at some point because the image was saved in an RGB format. More information is needed.

Providing a sample file is also suggested in the initial forum post text.