Extract xy translation from SIFT Registration

I’m using the following version of Fiji (ImageJ):

I have five images, which I’ve stacked: misaligned.tif (881.2 KB). I used SIFT to get an acceptable alignment of the features in each image: aligned_SIFT1.tif (881.0 KB). The settings I used for the SIFT:

  • Gaussian blur: 0.5
  • Max alignment error: 10px
  • Expected transformation: translation
  • Interpolate (checked)
  • all other settings were set at their default

The output log of the SIFT: output SIFT1.txt (507 Bytes).

Is there a plugin or macro I can use to extract the xy translation for each image? Thanks in advance!

Hi @tzwalker,

I can help, but am a bit busy this week and didn’t want to completely leave you hanging. Reply to this message to remind me if you don’t hear from me again in awhile.

(and maybe in the meantime someone will beat me to helping you!)


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