Extract the 3 channels of a tiff stack

I am the following basic step:
Opening of a 3 color tiff stack and coloring these images separately with GrayToColor.

test_save.cpproj (133.0 KB)

link to the tiff file:

It use to work fine with the following pipeline: Extarcting Metadata was giving 3 sizes of Z : 0,1,2
And I was using this information to assign a color to each individual image.

For a reason that I don’t get, with theoretically the same tiff file and the same pipeline, I just can’t get the 3 sizeZ anymore, only 1 is detected.

Would someone see what could be my mistake in the Metadata tab?

It loads fine to me in my hands (see below)- are you being sure to hit the top “Update” button (shorter arrow) before the bottom one (longer arrow)?

Thank you very much for your help, it works. I thaught I had done this procedure each time after clearingthe imaging list and uploading new images but apparently I was a bit tired at the end of the week!

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