Extract results from a non Result table

Here’s a little macro that converts all the tables I’ve tried it on (3). It saves off an intermediate file so it uses disk space in temp.

//Table2ResultsMacro by Ron DeSpain 180312
waitForUser(“Select the table you want to import\nFrom the Window drop down menu\nThen click OK”);
filepath=getDirectory( “temp” )+“savedtable”+".xls";
saveAs( “Results”, filepath);

The basic idea can be found earlier in this thread:

Dear all,

I found this same problem when using the ICA colocalization plugin (I am not familiar with programming using other languages than the ImageJmacro one)

Thanks to @anon96376101 I could finally have a way to get the non-Result table data but, instead of using “\n” for the splitting command I used “\t”. This way every different coefficient numerical result appears in a different line in the valArray (otherwise all numbers were written together in a line and I could not find a way to split them).

Afterwards you just need to put the desired position of the valArray in a new result table or new array :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot to all!