Extended Particle Analyzer- Problem with macro




I’m building a macro to process images (filtration,binarization,segmentation) and then count particles with Biovoxxel’s plugin Extended Particle Analyzer. I’m using script parameters to set the EPA’s parameters before running the macro. The problem is that when I define a string to the EPA’s parameter “Max Feret” and then I run the macro, I get the error "missing ‘-’ between ", which I think it has to do with the fact that the parameters in the EPA are entered in the form of intervals, and there´s something going on with the hyphen not being recongized or something.
The code looks something like this (It`s not the whole code, only the part involving the EPA):

// @String(label = "Max Feret Interval" , value = "0-Infinity") maxferetinter
run("Extended Particle Analyzer", "max_feret=maxferetinter show=Outlines redirect=None keep=None 
display summarize");

As you can see the default value is the same as in the plugin, but it doesn´t work and neither it does when you enter another value different from the default e.g. “0-200”.

I appreciate any help.


Hi @Alfonso,

Sorry for not answering your post. Actually, I thought I had done so already.

You need to specify the macro line as follows:

run("Extended Particle Analyzer", "max_feret=" + maxferetinter + " show=Outlines redirect=None keep=None display summarize");

Variables need to be specified outside of quotation marks and be connected by a +

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,