Hi @haesleinhuepf

I’m using clij in a project. Today, at a given point, I needed to search for some functions and used Ext.CLIJ_help(); In the past, whenever I needed to search for some function I went to https://clij.github.io/ and so I never realized that the argument of that function is case sensitive. I think this may be a bottleneck for unaware users. Would you consider fixing this in a later release?


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Hey @econdesousa,

thanks for the bug report! I can fix it right away. Stay tuned for an update in the coming days :wink:

Actually, Ext.CLIJ_help(...) is a relict from the time when CLIJ didn’t support auto-completion. It might be more convenient to go through the auto-completion pulldown to see all commands / search commands and read their documentation. Or might there be a situation, where this doesn’t help?

Thanks again!


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And it’s not case sensitive :wink:

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