ExportToSpreadsheet overwriting files in Batch mode

I’m calling CellProfiler on our cluster in batch mode, breaking up the jobs by specifying the ranges for the images. How do I get CP’s ExportToSpreadsheet module to write lots of uniquely named files rather than overwriting the same file?



Hi Nick,

You may want to check out this post; the user there seems to be asking a similar question.

Alternately, if each image range can be specified some other way (like each batch is associated with a set of images in a particular folder, for example), you can use metadata tags to unique specify each spreadsheet that is output. Check out Help > Using CellProfiler > How Data Is Handled > Using Metadata In CellProfiler for more details on obtaining, extracting, and using metadata tags from your images.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the suggestion, that’s sorted it.